Visible247 Technology

Although glow in the dark materials have been available for years, the Visible247 technology really does have to be seen to be believed – it is disruptive innovation.

Companies that have sold glow in the dark products successfully for decades have been startled by the performance and colour range offered by Visible247.

Powered by Visible247

Diversity and Capability

The unique properties of products Powered by Visible247 open up an almost endless range of existing and future applications limited only by designer’s imaginations and market awareness.

Visible is the only company that can manufacture precision moulded plastic components and products, in a full range of bright daytime colours with the highest levels of long-lasting photoluminescent glow output, following exposure to natural or artificial light for just a few minutes.

End to end service

Visible 24/7 Group offers a complete service from assisting with initial design concepts, and prototyping, through to delivering a finished component ready for assembly or a complete packaged product ready for retail sales.

We have the experience to work with your designers and engineers to develop optimum and cost effective solutions for your needs.

Visible247 Technology

When used in end products Visible247 is non-toxic, non-radioactive and meets international safety standards, including EN71-3 and EN71-12 making it suitable for use in a wide range of consumer goods including watches, straps, Home Improvement products and even toys.