ABOUT Visible247

Visible247 is produced by Visible 24/7 Group Ltd, the world leader in high performance, coloured, photoluminescent (glow in the dark) technology.

Visible 24/7 is a Business to Business company whose typical clients are medium to large manufacturers or distributors.

The Group is headquartered in the UK with manufacturing located in China and subsidiary companies located in Hong Kong and Australia.

Visible 24/7 Group currently serves clients in Europe, Asia, Australasia and North America.

Powered by Visible247

Unrivalled effects

Visible247 materials deliver bright day time colours with a range of high performing, long persistence night time glows.

Visible247 offers the following benefits over other glow in the dark options:

  • Safe - in end products i.e. non-toxic, non-radioactive and meets safety standards, including EN71-3 and EN71-12.
  • Suitable for use in a very wide range of goods including watches, DIY products and toys.
  • Versatile – shape and size of items is limited only by the capacity of machinery.

Highly durable – the life of the product will only be limited by the operational life of the plastic.

Patented Technology

The technology developed by Visible 24/7 Group and branded as Visible247, is a photoluminescent technology with associated manufacturing techniques, that together overcome the historic limitations associated with photoluminescent glow in the dark usage.

Our experience, coupled with our granted patents and other intellectual properties, enable us to offer cutting edge ‘glow in the dark’ colours in a wide range of plastics and rubbers that are not available from other sources.

In-house manufacturing

Visible 24/7 Group compounds its own materials and undertakes injection moulding in-house on specially designed machinery that has been optimised for the production of high performance glow in the dark items.