Services provided by Visible 24/7 Group

If you are looking for an innovative solution to making your product visible at night or if you plan to introduce a new product that ‘glows in the dark’ then we will work with your team to find the most effective way of incorporating our technology into your products.

Addressing your unique requirements

Whole lifecycle service

We work with your designers, marketers, engineers and production teams and have the experience to be able to fully understand your requirements and then develop the best solution to fit in with your needs. 

We offer a complete service from assisting with the design concept and prototyping through to delivering finished components either ready for assembly or as complete products ready packaged to sell to your customers. 

Broad cross industry experience

The Visible 24/7 team have a very wide experience base spanning multiple vertical markets and a range of technical disciplines.

We undertake projects in a range of sectors including personal care, home improvement, mobile phone accessories and watch making.

Every project has its own requirements and we are used to dealing with issues including:

  • very tight manufacturing tolerance
  • specific material property requirements
  • standards conformance e.g. RoHS, REACH, EN71-3 etc.
  • budgetary constraints

Some examples of our work can be found on our Portfolio pages.

Our Core Process

Concept: Our first priority is to understand a client’s concept and whether our materials will be able to fulfil the criteria needed in the application. We work with the client’s team to understand their requirements and then make recommendations on the most cost effective way of delivering a suitable photoluminescent component or product. 

Such considerations as end use, glow expectations, polymer choice and manufacturing tolerances are key in establishing the client’s requirements and whether the project is deliverable.

At this stage we usually produce a proof of concept piece for the client to evaluate, particularly with regard to the glow effect.

Engagement: Once the client has evaluated the concept pieces and any modifications are made, a finalised design can be agreed together with price, minimum order quantities, production timeframes and other matters such as shipping requirement. 

At this stage we submit a formal proposal for final client approval and ‘sign off’.

Production: Once the client has signed off the design and other matters we proceed with the manufacturing process.