Example Portfolio of Items Powered by Visible247

The unique properties of Visible247 open up an almost endless range of existing and

 future applications limited only by designer’s imaginations and market awareness.

Powered by Visible247

Precision and durability

Our client needed high luminosity components as part of their “rapid target acquisition” gun sights.

The mechanical tolerances were challenging both in terms of exacting dimensions and physical durability – the component needed to withstand the shockwave of a pistol discharge of an automatic weapon and use in the field.

High Volume Consumer Retail

Our Client, a major high volume distributor/manufacturer of door furniture and locks wanted to expand their range by adding some new innovative products.  

They were looking for differentiation that would enable them to offer leading DIY & Home Improvement chains a range of innovative products that complimented their existing offerings and design styles.

One such product range was house numbers, where function was enhanced through long lasting glow effects that enable the numbers to be seen in darkness without external illumination and form was complemented by the vivid snow-white day colour of the moulded numerals.

Material Characteristic

The Visible247 effect can be made available in a wide range of plastics and rubbers.

The crystals that provide the core glow in the dark capability change the characteristics of the materials they are embedded into and alter parameters such as hardness, strength and elasticity.

To overcome the limitations of off-the-shelf materials Visible 24/7 Group produces its own polymer formulations and alloys.

Materials are compounded in-house to meet the specific requirements of individual applications.