Brand Protection

Background: According to Europol “The counterfeit goods industry is estimated to be worth up to $200 billion (source: OECD) and the goods produced cross every imaginable product sector.”

Visible has been asked by a number of clients to enhance its materials to provide brand protection capabilities so that a component or tag manufactured by Visible Group could provide multiple levels of visual validation.

As a result, some of the security marking effects used in the bank note industry have been combined with the Visible247 effects for use in specialist applications.

Powered by Visible247

In daylight

The picture shows a credit card sized, injection moulded plastic samples in daylight along with a £20 note.

In darkness

In darkness or low light conditions the sample glows sapphire blue.

Bank Note Checker

When the sample is viewed under light from a standard bank note checking torch, the sample fluoresces in a chartreuse colour.

This unique double checking capability allows a brand protection tag/label/component to be easily added while being checkable by devices commonly used in high street stores.

The technology used will be extremely difficult for counterfeit suppliers to replicate.