Home Improvement and DIY

Although glow in the dark materials have been available in some DIY applications for years, the Visible247 technology really does have to be seen to be believed – it is disruptive innovation.

Companies that have sold glow in the dark products successfully for decades have been startled by how superior products Powered by Visible247 are when compared to their previous products.

Powered by Visible247

House Numbers

With street and other building lighting being turned off during the night for environmental reasons part way through the night, the easy of which a house number can be found in complete darkness can become important in the event of emergency services or guests needing to find a property.

While ‘glow in the dark’ numbers have been available for many years our numbers offer considerably enhanced night time glow levels and can be made in a wide range of pure colours including white, yellow, blue or green.

Lock Markers

Finding your lock can be challenging in the dark and by adding a glow in the dark lock marker it can be found much easier.  Clients have asked us to develop three different styles of markers all of which are designed to specific lock requirements and all of which enable the lock to be easily found in the dark.

Switch Markers

Being able to easily find a light switch in the middle of the night can be a challenge particularly in an unfamiliar room.  Our switch markers which are available in a range of bright colours – yellow, green, orange, white, blue, red and even black as well as two sizes enable switches to be easily identified all through the night.  Uniquely, we are able to offer night glows that complement the day colour so orange with orange glow or green with green glow as well as contrasting glows such as white by day and blue by night.

Whether it is finding the bathroom switch without turning on the bedside light and disturbing your partner or finding the hall light switch when coming home our range of glow in the dark switch markers make life easier. Markers can be fitted on the switch or immediately adjacent to the switch.