Household and Fun

There are many occasions that being able to add a night glow feature can enhance the experience of everyday objects.

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Many people have a glass of water beside their bed and it is one of those bedside items that is so easy to knock over!

This is particularly true for guests who are not familiar with the room.

The glowing enables a drink to be easily found throughout the night and they are popular with all age groups!

Guest rooms or hotel rooms are often very dark. Adding a glowing coaster and being able to find your drink during the night can be very helpful.

Phone covers and markers

Being able to find your phone easily in the dark without switching on lights and disturbing your partner can be a challenge.

This can be easily remedied with either a marker that can be fitted to the cover of the phone or using a complete ‘bumper’ made from Visible247 technology that not only will protect your phone but also enables it to be easily found throughout the night.

General Purpose Markers

There are many items around the house such as door handles, alarm clocks bedside lights or entry alarm panels that can be more easily found at night if they are marked with a general purpose marker.

These markers are equally useful on boats where making items such as hand held radios or emergency man overboard buoys or winch handles. Likewise, camping or hiking items can be marked up to make them easier to find in the dark and making life a little easier.