Outdoor Leisure

Finding equipment in the dark when spending time following outdoor pursuits can be a challenge. Whether camping, hiking, boating or caravanning there is often a need to find a bag, undo a zip or spot a guy rope.

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The ‘X’ Marker maximises the glow area for its 5cm height making it small enough to add to a key ring yet large enough to be used as a marker for a tent zip, guy rope or even a divers stab jacket dive knife. The X design offers superb glow output all through the night and coming with three different attachments enables it to be easily attached to a range of items.

Torch Band

If you need to use a torch, then being able to find it quickly is important but can be a challenge in a totally dark environment.  The torch ban is a flexible 27mm band that can be slipped around your torch to make it visible throughout the night so finding your torch instantly in a dark room, a tent, a caravan or boat is easy!

Box and Equipment Marker

On many boats there are deck lockers that are useful storage places for numerous items that need to be at hand yet also need to be safely stored away.  Having a marker on each locker is an easy way of ensuring your crew knows where items are stored but at night find the correct locker can be a challenge.  The box marker is designed to be written on using a standard permanent marker pen, enabling to know the contents through the night as well as during the day.