Personal Care

A range of products has been developed that “won’t change the world”, but can help “make life a little easier” and perhaps a little safer.

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Inhaler Bands

Finding an inhaler quickly during an asthma attack is vital and this can be problematic in the dark particularly as it’s not unusual for asthma symptoms to worsen after dark. Even in healthy people, “your best lung function is between noon and 4 p.m.,” said Ileen Gilbert, MD, a pulmonary specialist at Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin. “and it is at its worst between 3 and 4 in the morning.”

The FINDatNIGHT Inhaler Band which is Night Luminescent and visible in the dark all night enabling the inhaler to be found easily at night. Because the band is elasticated and fits snuggly round the inhaler body, it will not fall off if the inhaler is dropped but is easily moved from inhaler to inhaler as medication in one is exhausted.

Inhalers are also used to deliver preventative medications and to treat other conditions including angina and COPD. For rapid identification, the most common inhalers are colour coded based on the medication they contain and different colours of FINDatNIGHT Inhaler Bands have been developed for this purpose.

Personal Care Markers

Finding your pillbox in the middle of the night can be easily enhanced by adding an adhesive marker from the FINDatNIGHT personal care range.  The markers can be additionally used on a wide range of personal care items ranging from first aid kits though to epipens making them easy to find in the dark.

Items marked can be easily found without he need to switch on light and disturb partners during the night.

Glasses Mat

If you need your glasses to see the time or find the bathroom in the dark without turning on the bedside light and disturbing your partner, then the FINDatNIGHT glasses mat is a simple but very effective solution.   

Guest rooms or hotel rooms are typically very dark and being a strange environment one where being able to find your glasses during the night can be very helpful so even if you don’t need  one yourself your guests will appreciate the mat.

Mats are available in a range of day colours such as white, blue, yellow, orange, pink and blue so can reflect a corporate or brand look if required.