Watches and straps

Whilst glow in the dark materials have been used with watches for many years, the Visible247 technologies and manufacturing techniques redefine what is possible and set a new performance benchmark.

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Our client wanted to introduce a new range of watches where the whole dial glowed rather than just the hands.  A key requirement was that the dials not only needed to perform in terms of glow but had to be a thickness of 0.87mm +/- 0.02mm). The thickness means that dials made in this way are capable of being used with virtually any movement and case i.e. glowing watches can be created for a brand as part of a collection without needing costly retooling.

In addition to manufacturing to this exacting thickness we have been able to incorporate a ‘date window’ in the dial further demonstrating our ability to manufacture to exacting tolerances.


Alongside the dials, a range of silicone watch straps has been developed.

In addition to making it easy to find a watch in the dark, the straps have been designed to deliver a “wow factor” under a range of lighting conditions, for example the “wow factor” (or “surprise” effect) is observed when walking from bright sunlight into a shaded environement such as a bar. 

Wearable Technology

With a market expected to grow to 6 billion wearable items by 2020 and market demand for trendsetting ideas with dynamic colours and durability will be key for many designers.  With our bright day colours and ability to create a ‘wow factor’ when walking into a shaded environment from bright sunlight Visible technology can clearly add value and excitement to any piece of wearable technology while meeting the requirements for durability and comfort.

With our ability to work in both rubbers and plastics we can create bespoke solutions with your designers and engineers to create an additional ‘wow factor’.